Supervisor Solis Fights to Keep Jobs in Los Angeles County

Today, Supervisor Hilda Solis will speak to the California Air Resources Board in support of the relocation of their facility to Cal Poly Pomona. Below is an excerpt from her remarks.

“As the California Air Resources Board (CARB) seeks to relocate its existing emissions testing and research facilities out of the City of El Monte and County of Los Angeles, I strongly urge the Board to select the Cal Poly Pomona site- not the alternative site in Riverside County.

Cal Poly Pomona is a world-class state university with an abundance of resources. Rooted in a polytechnic approach, Cal Poly one of the finest engineering colleges in the nation currently ranked 5th best undergraduate engineering programamong public universities in the master’s category according to U.S. News & World Report.

The college also has a strong commitment to diversity and is number one in the state for engineering bachelor’s degrees awarded to Hispanics.

Additionally, keeping this critical facility in LA County will retain more of CARB’s highly trained workforce.  Our local communities simply cannot afford the loss of approximately 400 jobs—and the families who rely on those jobs.

Moving to Riverside would also have a wider effect on the County beyond these 400 jobs. From housing and retail, to jobs and the ability for CARB to attract new talent, relocation to Pomona is the better option.

The best solution—both economically and operationally– is to keep this facility in LA County, at a premier university with a strong record of excellence.”

Rachel A. Estrada