Supervisor Hilda L. Solis on Board of Supervisor’s Support for Proposition 68

Green spaces are community places, and it’s important to maintain clean, healthy areas where our neighbors come together to spend time with family and friends. At the County level, we passed parks funding Measure A back in 2016, which generates $94 million annually for the maintenance and development of our local parks and open spaces.

I am proud to support Proposition 68, a statewide park and water bond set to appear on the June ballot. If passed, Prop 68 would invest in multi-benefit green infrastructure, clean drinking water and drought preparedness, stormwater, mudslides and flash flood related projects. Prop 68 will save lives, prevent property damage, and create a more climate-resistant future for our state. Prop 68 will also invest dollars locally, with our conservancies such as the River and Mountains Conservancy, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, and Baldwin Hills Conservancy receiving funds that will result in benefits for all LA County residents to enjoy.

Let’s work together to continue to beautify & save our County spaces! Learn more about the Parks Funding Measure here.


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