County Green-Lights Funding Request for New Park Improvements to the First District

Today the Board of Supervisors approved a request from the Department of Parks and Recreation to submit grant applications to the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District to fund various park improvement projects throughout the County.

 “Green spaces are everyone’s places to learn, play, and grow,” said Supervisor Solis. “Our shared community parks need continued maintenance and continued improvements. These projects will help keep our parks clean and accessible for all to enjoy.”

 The project will help renovate Bassett Park in unincorporated Bassett. Renovations are expected to take place at the interior and exterior park buildings, including the senior center, community building, gymnasium, restroom, courtyard, and related spaces. There will also be upgrades to the general lighting, mechanical and plumbing. The two synthetic soccer fields will also be replaced along with other related improvements. The total cost for this project is $3 million.

 Funding for this project will come from Proposition A funding. In total, the Board of Supervisors will request over $5 million dollars in grant funds for three general improvement projects throughout the County. Once grants are approved, funds will be allocated to the projects and construction will begin.

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