Los Angeles County Approves Funding To Support Cities With Homelessness Plans

Cities can provide insightful solutions on how to combat homelessness. The County of Los Angeles values each city’s distinct perspective, their unique challenges, and their wealth of resources. In response to the regional homelessness crisis, today the Board of Supervisors directed LA County to establish a process to disburse $9 million of Measure H funding to 41 cities that aim to address local homelessness.

“Ensuring every woman, man, and child has a safe roof over their heads is a top priority. However, ending homelessness requires a collaborative effort, and we need regional thought leaders to come up with viable solutions,” said Supervisor Solis. “With today’s vote, the County of Los Angeles reiterates our willingness to partner with local governments to help families who need our assistance. We must leverage all of our resources if we expect to effectively solve our regional homelessness crisis.”

Today’s vote directs $9 million of Measure H funding to support the implementation of the Cities’ Homelessness Plans for an 18-month contract period. Of the 41 cities set to receive Measure H funding, a total of 39 have crafted their own distinct plans on how they plan to address their local homelessness problems, and the cities of Duarte and Irwindale have submitted a joint plan. Further, the Board requests that the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority sets aside $3 million of State Homeless Emergency Aid Program funds to support the Cities’ Homelessness Plans. The additional State funds will enhance collaborative efforts between regional cities and the County as they help individuals who are at-risk of homelessness.

“Thank you to the Board of Supervisors for your support of the city homeless planning process which resulted in Homelessness Plans being drafted and approved by over 41 cities,” said Joe Lyons, Councilmember for the City of Claremont. “Today’s staff-recommended action to approve a total of $12 million for the city plan implementation provides a level of support sufficient to commence that process. My hope is that by approving today’s funding for city homelessness plan implementation, we are commencing the formation of the partnership so essential to the success of Measure H.”

“We know that magic solutions do not exist, but we can make a difference if we all roll up our sleeves, and come together to work creatively and collaboratively with the intent of helping our most vulnerable residents,” Solis added. “Homelessness is a complex crisis that touches all of us, and we have to think out of the box in identifying solutions.”

“Supervisor Solis is a powerful voice for those in greatest need. She spearheaded the effort to bring Measure H funds to local communities—with outstanding results,” said Jan Cicco, Regional Homelessness Coordinator for the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments. “We are grateful for Supervisor Solis’ leadership in bringing taxpayer dollars back to local cities that have concrete plans to address homelessness in their respective areas.”

Supervisor Solis has been a Countywide leader in identifying nontraditional ways to combat homelessness. In addition to today’s action, Supervisor Solis previously authored a Board motion that allocated $2.6 million for Councils of Government and homeless planning grants for cities who want to join the County in combatting homelessness. She has also extended the County’s Winter Shelter Program for the last three years to ensure that individuals and families experiencing homelessness have a safe and warm place to receive supportive services, eat a warm meal, and sleep. Supervisor Solis also helped establish and expand a successful mobile showers program so that homeless individuals can take showers, have access to bathroom facilities, and receive services such as health screenings, meals, and legal assistance.



Contact: Rosa María Santana, Deputy Communications Director, (213) 974-4111 or rsantana@bos.lacounty.gov